Will lorcaserin (Lorquess) survive FDA scrutiny?

dr rybacki looking It's always difficult to predict how the FDA will perceive benefit to risk decisions and lorcaserin (Lorquess) is a singular example of this challenge. On one hand, the FDA has data showing that the medicine does work, while on the other hand, the degree of weight loss appears to be less than a second combination drug (QNEXA-Phentermine and topiramate) which will be decided upon in July.

May 10th appears to be the day of reconing for Lorquess. Banter on some of the stock sites predict a 50 50 chance. Based on the data, MII would weigh the odds better than this, but again, smarter to let the FDA and its experts and the data take its course.  dr rybacki smiling.Check in with the FDA at www.fda.gov on May 10th or check back here as we will be posting about this weight loss medicine.

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