Cholesterol breakthrough and HDL therapy

AHA   Where there any breakthroughs at the AHA meeting in Chicago


Yes, a novel Cholesterol treatment is a rising star called anacetrapib

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  members circle Raising good cholesterol to a significant degree can presently only be accomplished with Niacin or exercise. HDL acts as a key dump truck in our body, taking cholesterol from the circulation to the liver where it can be made into useful products or removed. 

A new era in cholesterol treatment may have dawned at the American Heart Association Meeting in Chicago. From the Late Breaking Clinical Trials session on the last day of the meeting, a Cholesteryl Ester Transfer Protein inhibitor known as anacetrapib was found to avoid the problems of a prior attempt in this family (torcetrapib) and the presenters resoundingly recommended that further studies commence!

I expect that the FDA will give this new drug fast track status (see and a brand new family of medicines will be born. The old target was bad cholesterol (LDL) and the new mantra will be LDL lowering and HDL raising combination therapy!


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