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Medicines and Your Family, Second Edition, Heart Attack Transition

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Easy to understand "What have I had, what do I need to do?" format that you don't need a PhD to understand. Find out about key risk factors and crucial medicines to help prevent a heart attack. Describes how heart problems evolve, what may have happened in the hospital and key questions to ask your doctor, nurse and pharmacist. Includes check lists you can bring to your doctor on questions to ask and crucial medicines to help prevent a return to the hospital. This edition tells Top Ten tips for you and your family to know about therapy and keeping your recovery on track.


Diabetes Drugs For Beginners

Diabetes risk, family his-tory, Framingham and type two or type one are terms you hear a lot in connection with diabetes. Talk with your doctor about how you got here. Risk factors for diabetes were defined in a Massachusetts town called Framingham—the same town where risk factors for heart disease were first studied.


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Prediabetes, Type two or Type one is a conversation we all should have with our doctors, nurse practitioner and pharmacist. Think of diabetes as a dying pancreas and sugar or glucose as its poison. It’s true.

A very complicated system of checks and balances work to keep your sugar between 70 and about 120. The organ that does this is your pancreas. As you start to lose control of sugar, the cells in the pancreas (beta cells) start to die.

These swings in blood sugar (glucose) start to get worse and fewer and fewer cells that make insulin are left. By the time you start to notice problems (drinking a lot of water, urinating a lot and being hungry), roughly half of the beta cells are dead.

2010 Diabetes Drugs For Beginners


Type Two versus Type One

Families to know

Treatment News at the Y

A new treatment

Test my heart because I’m diabetic?

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FAMILY FACTS and knowing that YOU and your children are TARGETS

Every diabetic starts out with a sugar regulating system that works, but falls victim to risk factors that slowly kill the cells (beta cells) that make insulin.

At the same time, the body develops a unique resistance to the benefits of insulin. The one-two punch of being a target coupled with insulin resistance and dying beta cells creates a slow and steady path to diabetes. Start early and take the target off your back.

Famlies of Medicines

10 families to know

Exercise (start early)

  • Biguanides
  • Alpha glucosidase inhibitors
  • Thiazolidinediones
  • Dpp-4 inhibitors
  • Sulfonylureas
  • Amylin analog
  • Glinides
  • Glp-1 inhibitors
  • Incretin mimetics
  • Insulins

Just like your family, the classes or families of medicines used to treat diabetes have different characteristics, benefits and ways of working or even adding to problems. I’ll give examples and tell some benefits and risks starting on page three and also outline some of these at www.


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