QNEXA (phentermine plus topiramate) weight loss drug recommended for approval by FDA advisory panel

woman with anchor A novel weight loss drug might become available. Qnexa (a combination of the existing drugs phentermine and controlled release topiramate) was presented to the FDA in July 2010 and was rejected.

Now the manufacturer of the drug (Vivus) brought new information to the FDA Endocrinologic and Metabolic Advisory Committee today and the committee voted 20 to 2 that the medicine should be approved. It’s important to know that the FDA usually, but is not required to follow the guidance of its expert panels. The FDA briefing documents and advisory committee agenda are available at www.fda.gov.

young thin womanAn FDA press release will no doubt be forthcoming in the very near future. If it is approved, it could be the first addition to the weight loss category since 1999 and will be profiled in the Essential Guide to Prescription Drugs.

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