Weight. My weight and bad news from my doc. Join me in losing weight

man falling     dr rybacki fishing You can see it in the fishing picture. I failed. It's the genes, it's the food, it's the exercise, it's not my fault. Bull.

Opioids, pain medicines and confusion over over doses

man on a mountain I've been getting a lot of questions about Narcan (naloxone), Percocet, and opioids since the news was released that opioid-type medicine was found on Prince's body. It is crucial to realize that there is rampant speculation and nothing is proven or certain unless medical records are released and toxicology reports are known.

New Biosimilar approval (biologic generic) may save billions in costs for rheumatoid arthritis patients

man with son The biosimilar adventure continues-Somewhat like generic medicines, A new biosimilar for infliximab or (Remicade) got the approval not from the FDA. What this means is that the medicine works to combat rheumatoid arthritis and Chrohn's disease, but costs much much less that the well-known brand.

LATITUDE falls off the map and CARIN careens off the road

insulin ebook  conference Late breaking clinical trials (LBCT) at ACC are always very very interesting, but today we apparently learned two new ways how NOT to make a light bulb and HOW we might design

FIRE and ICE and atrial fibrillation at the ACC meeting 2016

ACC 2016 After a stellar day of GAUSS-3 and mhealth yesterday, the start fo the week brings FIRE AND ICE and LATITUDE-TIMI 60. #CNN Time to head out to #ACC16. Should be another great day of science and FIRE AND ICE with LATTITUDE. More to follow and prevention too! Or should it be great information on PREVENTION and more to follow.

Live opening session from the American College of Cardiology meeting in Chicago 2016

sears tower Opening session at the American College of Cardiology meeting was fascinating.

Starting with Michelle Obama and her call to prevent childhood obesity. MO, noted that PREVENTION is a key to living longer, healthier lives. Couldn't agree more.


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