An Essential Guide to Weight Loss

Weight isn't great


man and woman Could this couple benefit from losing some weight?? This is actually me and my wife on vacation and the answer is YES!!

Remember, weight and inflammation go hand in hand, so even if you are 10 pounds overweight, taking it off and keeping it off makes a great deal of sense. this is especially true if you have a family history of diabetes or early heart disease. The truth of the matter is that the calories in have to be less than the calories out. There isn't a magic pill (yet) so remembering that (inflammation causing) chemicals called cytokines are actually released by that fat, so fat isn't just something that makes your pants hard to zip up.

Portion control makes great sense...this is at the center of some of the existing "buy the food" weight loss courses and over time, will let you eat just about what you want as long as you stick to the portions that they provide. No cheating...eating two of any of the dinner or lunch portions removes the benefit of portion control.

In the FDA pipeline is lorcaserin (slated for September 16th review) and I think that this medicine may be the best thing to come along in years. In the mean time...get an exercise prescription from your doctor and slim down those portions !!!

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